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Wednesday, November 24, 2010, 09:07 PM - Anatomy
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For those of you who attended my seminar on facial anatomy at the recent ISCA Convention in Las Vegas (see previous post), you may remember I said I would upload some of the diagrams and charts to my blog. So here they are, and hopefully you will find them a helpful addendum to whatever notes or sketches you may have made. For those of you who missed it, enjoy some out-of-context facial anatomy information. :)

I occasionally teach a ten week course in facial anatomy and expressions at the Watts Atelier. This information is from the part of the class focusing on the expression of "Happiness" or the basic true smile (as opposed to a fake forced smile, of course). There are six more expressions I cover in the class. Explaining the inner workings of this single expression is a bit much for a blog post. But if you read over this information carefully, you should actually be able to get a fundamental understanding of what happens under the skin when we smile. And hopefully you can apply that to your live drawings and paintings, be they portrait or caricature.

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