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Wednesday, November 17, 2010, 12:15 AM - Stories
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So the trip ended up being a little longer than expected. I got a last minute gig in LA the day I checked out of the hotel in Vegas, which extended my home coming by another day. So I drove straight to Burbank to work a late night event with some Hollywood folks (more on that in a later post). New Orleans was a nice little trip. I don't go in for all the drinking and shenanigans. But the architecture was fun to shoot.

It's not quite like any other city. The vibe there is weird. The people are colorful and strangers on the street or in a restaurant often just start talking to you (or ask you to spank them, in one instance). I sampled the typical cuisine of Beignets at Cafe du Monde, Jambalaya, Gumbo and Po Boys.

The trade show was a lot of work, both in preparation and during the event. I worked for three days doing digital caricatures on my new Cintiq. Not quite ready to show my live digi sketches yet.

The New Orleans Museum of Art was pretty impressive. There were some decent pieces in the 19th century European room. Unfortunately, the Bouguereau was temporarily off display. And that was the main piece drawing me to the museum. But check out details from this Sargent and Gerome, respectively:

That figure on the left is only about six inches tall!

Anyways, after 3.25 days in New Orleans, it was off to Las Vegas for the 19th annual ISCA Convention at the Alexis Park

Since I got to the con a day late and had to prepare for my anatomy workshop on Tuesday...

(I will post some of the images from my anatomy workshop soon!)

... I didn't get much artwork done the first couple days. But I did manage to squeeze in two oil paintings and six inks and watercolors in the remaining 36 hours or so of free drawing time. I only got a couple hours sleep the night before the deadline, of course. Here's some of the pieces from my wall. They are of fellow ISCA members, and our guest speaker, Bill Plymton:

I am quite happy with the quality of my work. It's tough to do nice renderings without all the creature comforts of my studio. My stuff seems to be getting less and less exaggerated as time goes by. I guess that's the traditional portrait artist in me trying to get out. My pieces weren't that humorous. But the likenesses seemed to be there. I think there's enough people to do the really twisted stuff at the caricature convention. I just enjoy the process of working with the materials and obtaining a bit more complexity and visual interest with the brush stroke or ink line.

It was a nutty week, especially since I had to keep running my freelance business without easy Internet access. But Debbie had to travel home early for her job and was able to take over responding to inquiries and writing contracts. It's nice to have a business partner/manager.

(Oh, and here's the thing I was making that I teased in the previous post. It's a new, more anatomically correct, ecorche skull which I used as part of my anatomy workhop in Las Vegas. I will post a labeled version of this very soon.)

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