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Pacific Magazine's "The Art Event"  
Saturday, April 21, 2012, 10:57 AM - Exhibitions
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This month's issue of Pacific San Diego Magazine features a story on four San Diego artists, of which I am one. You can read the story here. The article has a short interview with me as well as a layout with some of my caricature and fine art work. And a couple nights ago, the magazine threw an art party at La Valencia Hotel in La Jolla where my work was the centerpiece, along with works from other local artists. And when I say "centerpiece," I mean it literally. The hotel wouldn't let us hang anything on the walls. There really was no wall space to hang anything. So we had to display our works on easels. And the magazine decided to place my easels in the center of the room, which made me a little nervous for their safety, what with the loud music and open bar!

It was a nice event. I mostly talked with the other artists who were there and enjoyed watching the people looking at my work. Since I mostly do illustrations and commissions, and not gallery shows, this was a rare bit of personal interaction with the public.

I painted the Christopher Walken from the previous post for this event, as well as this Marilyn Monroe. After doing caricatures professionally for over sixteen years, I recently realized I had never painted or even drawn Marilyn, so I figured it was time. And this one got probably the most attention from the party guests.

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