Live Traditional and Digital Caricatures

I am a top award-winning caricature quicksketch artist based in San Diego, California. I have been doing live digital and traditional caricatures at parties and trade shows since 1996. For more information about my background and achievements, click here.


Live Traditional Caricatures

Here are some samples of traditional pen and paper caricatures that I do live at events. Click on an image for a larger view.

:: Other important facts

First of all, if you hire a caricature artist directly, there are no extra hassles, hidden fees or surprises. Just contact me with your party information, and I will draw up a simple contract. That's it!

I draw caricatures by the hour, not by the sketch. So they are free to your party’s guests.

I have drawn caricatures at all types of events: company picnics, trade shows, conventions, birthdays, anniversaries, bar/bat mitzvahs, wedding receptions, retirement parties, holiday parties, high school proms and grad nights to name a few.

When I show up at your event, I always arrive well before the actual starting time to set up and check in. I come with everything I need to perform for the party: paper, markers, portable light, and chairs, if necessary.  I roll up the caricatures in a rubber band so it's a little easier for the guests to carry.

When I draw black & white caricatures, I complete  around 20 people per hour. That's one every 3 minutes! If you have a lot of guests at your party and/or a limited amount of time, I recommend hiring more than one caricaturist. Multiple artists can go through more subjects at once. And it keeps the lines that usually form around us moving quickly. I can call on several colleagues throughout San Diego and L.A. counties, all of whom have several years of experience doing live caricatures.

The rate for live caricatures drawn traditionally on paper with markers is $125 per hour with a two hour minimum. Rates may be higher during peak seasons or certain holidays and Saturdays. But discounts may apply for longer events or multiple artists.


:: Live Digital Caricatures

I also specialize in live digital caricatures for any event, party or trade show. Information regarding live digital caricatures can be found at




:: Gift Caricatures

If you would like to commission me to create a gift caricature in the studio for one or more people, I do not offer my live quicksketch style for that. When working in the studio from photographs, I spend much more time sketching, planning and executing the caricature than I do when performing live at events. You will be given the opportunity to view and approve my sketches and offer feedback so that you are guaranteed to be happy with the finished artwork. Prices begin at $100 for an ink rendering of the face and $200 for ink and watercolor caricature portraits. Discounts are available, though, for larger groups. I also create individual caricature paintings in oil and digitally. You can see some of those examples here. For a complete price list and sample sheet, please make a request by email.

:: About the Artist

Email Court Jones at or Call the Studio at 619-579-7476 between 10:00 am and 7:00 pm PST