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Art of Caricature

Video Course

I created a full course on how to draw caricature through the Proko online art school.

The course is divided into two parts: Part 1 is the fundamentals of caricature and Part 2 covers more advanced caricature techniques to help artists improve their skills at exaggeration and capturing likenesses.

All the main lessons, as well as several bonus videos are available for free on the Proko YouTube channel. But you can purchase the full course on and get access to longer versions of the lessons as well as many more narrated demonstration videos, student critiques and bonus content totaling 131 videos.

Here is a collection of all the primary lessons available on YouTube. If you visit the Art of Caricature playlist on the Proko YouTube channel, you can watch even more free content from my caricature course.

Part 1

Lesson 1 - How to Exaggerate

Lesson 2 - The Thumbnail Sketch

Lesson 3 - The Rough Sketch

Lesson 4 - The Abstraction

Lesson 5 - The Final Sketch

Lesson 6 - Caricaturing the Body

Lesson 7 - Review of Part 1

Part 2

Lesson 8 - Caricature Checklists

Lesson 9 - Memory Sketching

Lesson 10 - Caricature of a Caricature

Lesson 11 - Opposition Sketching

Lesson 12 - Spirit Animal Caricatures

Lesson 13 - Painting the Exaggeration

Lesson 14 - Studying the Masters

Lesson 15 - Shape Design in Caricature

Final Lesson - Career Tips

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